Our corporate carbon footprint seal is here!

We are systematically taking the next steps to comply with the new ESG guidelines: we have voluntarily carried out the Initial CO₂ balance sheet for 2023 using a TÜV-certified calculation method.

Following the successful verification of our corporate carbon footprint (CCF) , we have been awarded the certificate for indicator-based climate protection and the corresponding audit report.

With our certified carbon footprint, we are setting important standards on the way to becoming a climate-neutral company.

The CCF 2023 was created in collaboration with a qualified consulting company based on a TÜV-certified calculation method.

The "E" in ESG

In ESG reporting, the CO₂ footprint is assigned to the "E" for environmental and represents an important first step for ProNoblis in planning and implementing suitable measures to reduce CO₂ emissions. Further activities in the areas of "S" for social and "G" for governance are in full swing at the ProNoblis Group.

ESG? There's no way around it!

The target set by the German government to reduce greenhouse gases by 60% by 2023 and achieve net zero by 2025 is ambitious. However, a successful climate transition is unthinkable without innovative and functioning sustainable business models.

The financial sector also has an outstanding responsibility in implementing the climate targets.

As a pioneer in the implementation of ESG guidelines, the SME financier ProNoblis is not only pursuing the goal of securing sustainable competitive advantages, but also of meeting the new requirements for the financial sector. This also includes the company's own business contacts, as ProNoblis is part of the supply chain as a goods purchasing financier and is subject to the new supply chain legislation guidelines together with its customers and business partners. With its carbon footprint, ProNoblis is sending a clear signal for committed climate protection!

ProNoblis will offer qualified CO2 certifications in future

Due to the relevance of the topic, ProNoblis has decided to integrate its own consulting company within the Group. In future, Green Business Consulting will play an active role in CO₂ reporting in order to enable a secure start. With a certified software and comprehensive advice, getting started with CO₂ reporting will be straightforward.

Green Business Consulting offers SMEs certified software for their data collection as well as personal advice for efficient CO₂ managementA decisive step for all business partners towards sustainable corporate management.

Let's stay informed together

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